Geshe Pema Dorjee speaks in Hilversum

Dear friends,

On Sunday and tonight I had the privilege of hearing Geshe Pema speak. He is a Tibetan lama who has a very humorous and wise way of speaking. He shared with us how to find peace of mind in turbulent times. It starts with helping others rather than ourselves. The key to this is self-confidence which we can achieve through morality – doing right and finding the truth. When we are self-confident we can stop thinking of negative and disruptive emotions such as anger, hatred, ego, jealousy and greed. Instead, focus on your ability to do good and help those who suffer the most.
Pemala, as his friends call him, has traveled to remote villages in the foothills of the Himalaya for H.H. The Dalai Lama to revive the ancient Buddhist tradition bodong. There he found so many people living in isolation, in poverty, suffering from cold and hunger. He and his friend Siri Weirum are doing everything they can to help stop the circle of poverty. The Tara Bodong foundation raises money to help the young girls who have no prospects other than raising children from the age of 15 and working hard to feed them. They are building a school to educate the young girls so that they can help improve their communities. These villages are very isolated, it takes 3 days by car and then two days walking to reach them. They have no sanitation, power and little food. Please read more about the Tara Bodong foundation and Siri and Geshe Pema’s work on Every cent goes directly to the project. All involved donate their time, from teachers to the architect.
A very inspiring cause. They need to raise 360.000 euro’s so anything we can do to help makes a big difference!

I will try to do my share.
Till next time!

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  1. Hi Shiela, Thanks for the nice write up on your experiences from the evenings with Pemala. He is amazing to be with, so much love and compassion and so humble. If you would like to be more involved with us, we would appreciate your ideas, time or whatever. All good.

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