On January 11th, Victor and I had visited the exhibit by Henri Le Sidaner here in the Singer Museum in Laren. Le Sidaner worked around the turn of the 19th century in northern France. He combined impressionism with intimate compositions (called intimism) and painted some very beautiful scenes, with muted pastels, twilight with pink shimmers and canals along pretty villages. Very inspiring.

Last Wednesday I went to the hospital for my check-up. My mom met me there, so I had some company. The checkup went smoothly, all values were fine. It seemed to me the liver values were a bit higher but all within range. My oncologist also checked my lungs, liver and thought it all looked and sounded ok. My next appointment is in two months, March 12th. The week before I am scheduled for a CT and an MRI scan again.

Afterwards, my mom and I went to Nancy’s place for a bit. We stopped by Leafde (a nice little store near Nancy’s house) where I bought two small gifts for colleagues who just had babies (two dads!). My mom took me back to my car and we drove to a store on the way back. I parked my car on the street there and bought a nice jacket and silk blouse on sale. But when I got back to my car someone had driven the mirror off my car: it was hanging by a few wires. Fortunately the garage was on the way home (my mom took the tram back into the city) so I didn’t have to drive too far without a mirror. The guy at the garage taped everything up with black duct tape. That night, Victor and I went out for a lovely dinner together.
Thursday I worked and Friday I met a friend of mine for coffee. She told me about a dear friend of hers who had just passed away in November. She had cervical cancer and had fought bravely for over 3 years, but in the end got pneumonia and couldn’t get better. There’s nothing one can do or say to help, but I can only imagine the hurt her family must feel.

This past weekend I had a chance to relax. I wrote a little, drew a few pictures, did some laundry, went for a run.

Since then, Victor’s been studying hard for his exams. Friday is a big exam day, and next week on Tuesday he has two exams. I hope all goes well.

Nancy is in LA now, working hard on the Grammy’s and a special show the day after. I’ve been thinking about our trip last year and how special it was. Time has gone by so quickly, I wonder how this coming year will be for all of us. Tomorrow is Nancy’s birthday – here’s a happy b-day to Nancy from all of us!

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  1. Happy Birthday Nancy! We are so blessed to be keeping in touch with you all and glad to know the updates in your life and health.

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