Feeling blessed

Lately I’ve been reading more blogs by fellow stage 4 breast cancer survivors. I’ve been using Twitter to find interesting people to follow. I’ve been reading Vederzwaar’s blog. She is a young mother who is very passionate about following others and helping others. Very inspiring. She also has links to other women’s blogs and suggested that I could participate in the Amazones, a website for young (at heart) women with breast cancer. When I was first diagnosed, I used the forum and signed up but I am sorry to admit I had not used the site much afterwards. Mostly because the posts that were interesting to me were from a long time back.

Looking at the site again and logging in I found a number of wonderful messages waiting for me, which I had not seen because I didn’t know how to get notifications (still looking). 

I’m also following #CaseofDees who is very active for Borstkankeractie (breast cancer action). A friend of a friend suggested that I could contact her. Through Vederzwaar I also looked at the blog DikkeRozePech (big pink bad luck), a very fitting title for the blog of another strong woman, who spoke at the seminar #hoopenvrees organized by the Dutch Breast Cancer Association (which I attended last year). It made me realize that there are a lot of women like me out there. But perhaps I have been luckier than I could have imagined because I actually can live a normal life, without pain. I even have work! Who could have guessed a year ago that I would be so lucky. Yes, I am truly blessed. Now time to figure out how I can help others with metastases. Since I’m doing so well, I wonder how I can even think to help others who are suffering so. But as Geshe Pema Dorjee says: to reduce the suffering of others, to make them happy, is to give meaning to our existence. 

4 Replies to “Feeling blessed”

  1. Hi Sheila, good to read about how you cope with the challenges you encounter in your life. Be blessed by blessing others who do struggle in the same circumstances that you have. Thanks for making this known to others. Wish you alle the best and blessing’s.

  2. Hoi Sheila,

    Wat fijn om te lezen, dat het zo goed met je gaat! Dat had je een jaar eerder inderdaad niet kunnen bedenken…. En wat een mooi initiatief om je in te willen zetten voor lotgenoten!
    Heel veel succes ermee!


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