Dear friends and family,

Thanks again for visiting me, thinking of me, praying for me, and sending me mail, comments and note cards.

My dad is coming to visit next week for my birthday, thanks to my sister Nancy who has arranged it all. He has not been to the Netherlands since our wedding, 7 years ago. It will be good to see him, although I will greatly miss Deloris who cannot come.

The chemo today was cancelled due to my low white blood cell count. Next week, we’ll continue with the double dose (AC together). The nurse had good news too: the billirubine has declined to 24, from 39 the last time (the first 3 week period). So the chemo is working!

Last Thursday I went to Amsterdam to see Nancy and Natascha and Neeraj met us there. Later Elly, Noreen and her husband Andrew came by as well. They’re so kind and caring! After they left, Nancy and I had a thai meal at the Thai company. Nice to be together!

On Friday Sanneke came, and it was really good to see her. She had brought me the most beautiful flowers, all colors of the rainbow. Unfortunately I had to go to the hospital because of my skin rash so we had a short visit/ My mom drove me to the hospital twice, once to pick up a form and make the appointment and next to see the dermatologist . It turned out to be eczeem (eczema).

This weekend was very very hot. Went for a run with Claudia on Saturday and wrote a bit on Sunday.

On Monday I was invited to go sailing with Erwin, Ingrid’s partner. He has a catamaran in Muiderzand. It was a beautiful afternoon and I really enjoyed it, especially our talk about Buddha.

On Tuesday my aunt and uncle came all the way from Wemeldinge Zeeland to Eemnes to see me. They’re very special people, and I really enjoyed seeing them again.

4 Replies to “Update”

  1. Hoi Sheila, Wat ben je ondanks alles, nog ontzettend actief! Bewonderenswaardig om nog zoveel afspraken te maken. Fijn dat je daar in ieder geval nog van kunt genieten. Ik (wij) leef (leven) met je mee! Heel veel sterkte!



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