A run

First I rowed 5 minutes on our rowing machine. But that took all the breath I had out of me. I’m not very fit! I will try to work out more.

Ineke from Viore had warned me that the chemo really impacts the muscle tissue. After she told me that it finally dawned on me that the weight loss wasn’t fat (unfortunately my tummy is still as big as it used to be) but muscle. So now I’m determined to stay fit, as my oncologist suggested. Also I need to gain weight, so the best way I guess is to build muscle tissue.

Then I decided to go running. It went very well. Perhaps I’m a bit too eager, since Silvia – a good family friend who is a cancer researcher – advised me to reduce the time and intensity, and go more frequently. For now, I ran my usual round of 6 km but at half speed, and I paused in between and walked for a few minutes each time to keep my heartrate down.

I think I’ll go again Saturday but do 4 km instead of 6. I hope the exercise will help my muscles gain strength again.

9 Replies to “A run”

  1. I am SO impressed! I haven’t gone on a real run in 6 years…unless you count chasing the twins. I may have racked up 6 km at a time doing that. 😉

  2. Hoi Sheila, denk toch nog aan die Muscle Power drankjes waar je het in het begin over had..is dat een optie om je te helpen spieren opbouwen ? Of te belastend voor de lever misschien? De CPC is nog geen anderhalf jaar geleden.. wat een conditie had je toen! Dat is een solide basis om op verder te gaan!

  3. Well then, what is healthy defined? I know I can only WALK a mile so you go girl with your training and KNOW you are in much better shape than I am! I am thankful I can walk that wee bit.

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