Treatment #5 – August 15th

Thanks all for all your e-mails, prayers, cards, flowers and visits! They really help me!

Today the treatment was very quick. The appointment was scheduled at 8.30 but when we arrived they had booked me at 11. But it was no problem, I could get the chemo right away. The nurse explained that the first day of the three weeks I will be planned in at 8.30 AM, and the two short ones will be at 11. Wish they had explained this right away, much easier to remember.

Sinds I don’t have the cold cap anymore, I’m done within the hour with the short cure. Nice!

Victor’s been sweet enough to lend me his Macbook Pro, and now I can see my complete email accounts, including a message from Anna which Mail marked as an ad. She has tried so many times to call me, I finally managed to call back. We had a great talk, since she’s had breast cancer she could tell me all about it.

I received a very sweet email from Marianne, who has been diagnosed with ovarian metastases. She has a blog too, but what a difficult time she’s had and still she is such a shining personality, bright and positive.

Today I purchased a wig. Well, I haven’t paid for it yet, since it will be billed to the health insurance and then they will send me a bill. I have no idea what it costs, but it doesn’t matter. I decided to go for a very different look: kind of a glam look.

So please tell me what you think, even if you think it looks terrible, or is way off!

Anyway, I’m happy with it! And one great thing about a wig: your hair is always perfect, never a bad hairday. Thanks to Raymonda van Haar in Balans!

23 Replies to “Treatment #5 – August 15th”

  1. Dear Sheila, you just look great with this wig, so natural and indeed glamourous. Keep your spirit high! It is not always easy, but it is the best way to cope! My breast cancer was discovered 9 years ago and I am still active, especially with writing. Just keep this wig, it suits you! A bi kiss, for you and for Victor, Annemarie

  2. Barbara and I think you look like a Lady! Very distinguished, chic and glamourous.
    Lady She from now on..;-)

  3. Je ziet er fantastisch uit!!! Een beetje deftig! Heel leuk, eventjes zo houden, tot mails, Yvet

    Op 15 aug 2012, om 20:36 heeft My diary het volgende geschreven:

    > >

  4. Same familiar face looking at us, but with daring new haircut and color. Looks great!
    Jokes on Victor to go for a matching set are already there in the previous comments, so I won’t go there. But you could share different styles?

  5. You look fabulous dahhhling! Love the new look. I’ll have to share my wig stories with you when you come to SF!!

  6. Een super kapsel, echt heel leuk! Door je kleding maak je je kapsel glamour maar ik denk dat wanneer je je sportpakje aan hebt je er weer sportief uit zie, goeie keuze. Liefs Claudia

  7. Sheila
    Wat slim om een pruik te kiezen met een hele andere look.
    Ik ga dat iedereen die ooit in deze situatie terecht komt aanraden

    En daarnaast….. hij staat je erg goed.

    Lfs. MarijkevH

  8. Hoi Sheila,
    Ik had het je al mondeling gezegd, maar wil het nogmaals schriftelijk doen: de pruik staat je echt HEEL GOED!!! ik kan mij voorstellen, dat het met deze hoge temperaturen veel te warm is voor een pruik, maar de sjaaltjes is naar mijn mening een prima alternatief.
    Lieve groet,

  9. You absolutely look beautiful…. So fitting and so perfect. I am sure that looking fantastic is a big help in the emotional rollercoaster.

  10. Hallo Sheila,

    Je ziet er prachtig uit! Heel passend, erg goed gedaan door de kapster. Ik lees je blog iedere week om op de hoogte te blijven, alle goeds, Esther

  11. Ha Sheila, Wat zie je er prachtig uit. En het belangrijkste is natuurlijk dat jij je hiermee goed voelt.Ik ben blij en verrast te lezen hoe positief jullie in het leven staan. Dat getuigt van enorme kracht.

  12. Sheila, what is glamorous are those beautiful brown eyes and your perfect smile. Keep up the positive energy because a whole world of friends around the globe are rooting for you. Love, the Kschinkas in Pinehurst, NC

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