Last check this year

On December 4th, I had my last visit to my oncologist this year. My results were stable, as they have been these past 2,5 years since I’ve been taking Letrozole. I’m glad I’ve been doing so well on this medication.

Since January, I’ve been working nearly full-time. I’ve had nice breaks this year though. Victor and I went to Bangkok and Malaysia in March of this year, in May my mom and I went to Bruges for a weekend, in August Victor and I took a cruise to visit the fjords in Norway (lovely!), and in September I visited Nancy in New York for a few days. All in all a great year!

I will post our end of the year X-mas letter to all of you after completing this post.

End of January I will have my yearly CT and MRI scans. I’m expecting this to be stable but you never know. The proces is exhausting though, and after the scans I’m usually beat.

We’re planning a family trip to Malaysia and Bali in the summer of 2016. We’ll drop by my dad of course, and try to visit the Taman Negara forest as well. In Bali, we’ll take a tour past villages and less visited sites. If we have time, we’ll try to go to Lombok as well. Victor’s great grandfather – Paul August Alting van Geusau – died in the Lombok expedition of 1894. We have a book describing the war and his death at age 27. He was a poet and writer as well as a lieutenant in the Dutch army. His son was raised by Victorine, after whom Victor was named.

Sebastian, Valentijn, Barbara and Henriette will join us and we’re all really looking forward to this big trip. Unfortunately Jaap – our Dalmatian – can’t come along, so hopefully my mom will be able to watch him.

I have decided, with encouragement from Victor’s uncle Frans, to get a Ph.D. I have tried before but stopped and probably a good thing too because back in 1994-95 I picked the wrong topic (telecommunication in the third world). Now, my focus will be patient empowerment through technology. I first have to find a promotor who is willing to sponsor and guide me. And for that, I have to write a research proposal. So I’ve got lots to do before the new year starts!

Lots of love for all of you!

3 Replies to “Last check this year”

  1. Dear Sheila, how good to read about this wonderfull year, and you deserve it! And ambitious too… wishing you all the best especially for the january check up, Christine Dufour

  2. Fijn dat het nog steeds goed met je gaat en Mooi topic gekozen! Ik ben erg benieuwd naar je bevindingen en onderzoeksresultaten. Ik weet wel, met of zonder techniek… praten helpt! Vooral als er naar je geluisterd wordt. Succes!

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