Don’t open previous post, but this one is OK!

Dear friends,

I’m very sorry about this. There’s an option in my blog to send a message directly to the blog. This happened this morning by email. I’ve removed the post and the link but if you’ve received a mail with a link DO NOT CLICK on it.

As for me, I’ve been working far too hard. I’ve decided to slow down a little.

Nancy will be visiting next week. And on Wednesday next week I have another check up.

I’ve gained too much weight and now need to change my diet and work out more. Started doing a bootcamp lite here in the neighborhood and plan to start running again at a regular schedule.

Take care,

2 Replies to “Don’t open previous post, but this one is OK!”

  1. Sheila , ik heet ook Sheila en wilde je vragen of je de naam van je website veranderen kan . Niet alle Sheila’s hebben zo iets naars mee hoeven maken . Dus bij deze stel ik namens alle sheila’s het op prijs je site naam “Sheila te verwijderen. Uit naamsrepect !

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