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Dear friends,
Sorry its’s taken me so long to write. I’ve had jet lag this week, in a major way. Can’t sleep at night and then fall asleep sometime between 6 and 7 am only to wake up at 11 or later.

Nancy worked on the Oscars on Saturday and Sunday. She was at the very front of the red carpet, guiding the stars to their red carpet interviews. On Sunday Nancy’s friends Chris and Antar took me to the farmers market. We first had coffee (tea for me) at the Coffee Bean near Vine. Lauren (a.k.a. power Lauren – she’s an electrician on shows), Meg and her husband George and their dog Kitty from Las Vegas were already there. I had not met them before but they were all great fun! A little while later Graham showed up, he’s a dancer with Lady Gaga and we all headed into the bustling farmers market. The fruits and vegetables are huge, there was one radish that was at least 40 cm. Too bad I couldn’t buy anything!
It was a nice sunny morning so we went to the Melrose farmers market afterwards. My mom would have loved it. By this time my feet started to hurt so Chris dropped me off at Nancy house. Nancy was just getting changed for the Oscar’s. While she worked I did some laundry. She was off around 6 and a little later we went to Chris’s place to watch the Oscars on his huge tv.

Nancy and I flew back Monday morning and arrived home on Tuesday, February 26th. Victor met us at Schiphol, took my bags home and then waited for Annet and Henriette to arrive. We were picked up by our mom because I decided to wait in Amsterdam since I had to go to the hospital later that day.

Tried to sleep but couldn’t, so we left Nancy’s place around 2 pm. I had an MRI at 3 and a CT scan at 4.
Not much to say about the days after – Wednesday I slept, Thursday I slept and walked in the forest with my mom and Flo. I felt like I was sleepwalking most of this week, so jet lagged! Then Friday Victor took me to the hospital for a meeting with Dr. Baars. She was in a good mood as usual and showed us the blood results. They were down again, which is a good sign. The MRI scan showed that the tumor in the breast had shrunk from 2,4 cm to 1,5 cm which is good news. Dr. Baars advised another three rounds of Xeloda (Capecitabine) since it works well for me and the side effects are tolerable. The CT scans showed a very rough edged liver, still too large. It is very hard to make out if there is cancerous tissue left, due to the scar tissue. But according to the blood values, the liver is stabilized. One value was still high but that could be due to the treatment.

Have to walk Flo now, she’s asking to go outside. Till later!

6 Replies to “Back Home”

  1. so far so good!
    Zonlicht is heel goed tegen jetlag, dus geniet van het mooie weer (voor nederlandse begrippen dan :-))

  2. Hoi Sheila, wat zal het weer wennen zijn thuis. Wel fijn ook denk ik, maar als ik het zo kon volgen heb je een geweldige tijd in Amerika gehad. Welkom terug en je hebt blijkbaar de lente meegenomen 😉

  3. Hey Sheil,

    Great to hear you had such a fabulous trip with Nancy! You guys deserved some quality sister-sister time ;0)

    Will mail you soon,

    xx Natascha xx

  4. Geweldig nieuws, en dat na zo’n intensieve vakantie waar Henriette en ik een deel van mochten meemaken. Hebben hele goede herinneringen aan de CheeseCakeFactory en Universal Studios. Keep on!

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