Return to Los Angeles

We arrived in LA on Tuesday which was a gloomy day. We picked up some groceries at Trader Joe’s where Nancy ran into an old acquaintance and as we pulled our suitcases into Nancy’s studio apartment it started to rain.

My next goal in life is to write a book, so we’re watching a lot of films. Last week we saw The Hungergames which I thought was a really interesting story about a future in which oppressed people have to sacrifice boys and girls for a gladiator-like reality tv show in which only one survivor can win and live. Of course, the two main characters both live and there is a sequel in the make.

On Wednesday we planned to meet Nancy’s friends Antar and Chris at the Coffee Bean. Only they were waiting at the Coffee Bean at Hollywood for us while we were chilling in the sun on Sunset. When they came to meet us (yes, Nancy can be very persuasive!) we had a great time. We then went to the Urth Cafe for a very tasty organic lunch. Nancy needed to pick up her credentials for the Oscars and she arranged a day pass for me, so I met her colleagues Caprise and Kelly. They all work on the pre-show which is a big deal because they cover the red carpet arrivals and major interviews take place. The show airs live on Sunday at 5 pm PST so the timing is crucial. It was fun to see the red carpet – which is really wide – maybe 40 or 50 meters or so – and the length of a full city block with a huge tent in the middle and bleachers on the sides. They were still putting everything together for the show. Of course, Nancy knows everyone so we had to stop every 20 meters to greet someone she knows. I’m particularly impressed by her LAPD connections, always handy!

Afterwards we went to the Grove to get some things Nancy needed for her work. At night we headed out to Marina Del Rey to meet Annet and Henriette at the Cheesecake Factory for the best food and views in town.
Cheese cake facory
We had a great time and Nancy and Henriette actually ordered cheesecake which I’ve never done before. That’s not to say that they ate much, just nibbles and they took it back in boxes. Nancy had the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake and Henriette ordered the Oreo Cheesecake (it has a different name though) which was very good of her because the proceeds go to a children’s charity.
Henriette in cheesecake factory
On Thursday I dropped Nancy off at her hairdresser’s and drove to Newport Beach where I met Michael, Teresa and their poodle Sophie. Sophie is 18 months old and they got her from the rescue. They’ve trained her and she is very well behaved!
Michael, Teresa and Sophiewith Teresa and Sophie
On the way back I met Nancy at the Grove and then we headed back to her place.

On Friday we met Annet and Henriette at the Coffee Bean at Universal, and thanks to Nancy’s friend Mark we were admitted as his guests to the park. This was a huge favor and made our day!
Rick, Henriette, Mark, Nancy and Sheila
It was a gorgeous sunny day. We had a great time!

Last night we met our cousins Payal and Rakhi and our auntie Nevedita in the Pink Pepper, a Thai restaurant near Nancy’s house. It was wonderful to meet them, I had not met my cousins before and they are beautiful and very sweet!
Nancy and our cousin Rakhiour cousin Payal and auntie Nevedita
I was so happy to meet them after all these years! They made such an effort to meet with us, and we had a great time. As you can tell, this was maybe the most important item on my bucket list! Fortunately, I’m still feeling very good. As I’m finishing this blog entry it is Saturday morning in LA, and the skies are blue. Nancy left for work at 7 this morning and she works until 7 or 8 tonight and tomorrow. And on Monday we’ll head back home.

3 Replies to “Return to Los Angeles”

  1. dit klinkt heerlijk allemaal Sheila
    Geniet er maar lekker van….
    En als je wil kun je de 2 volgende boeken van de hungergames lenen…..
    Boeiend om te lezen en erg knap verzonnen!!!

  2. Hi Sheila!

    I loved reading this entry and I’m excited to read the rest of your blog! We were so happy to finally meet you. I was telling my mom how pretty you guys are and what a good soul you have. I hope we can make a trip out to visit you guys sometime soon, it seems like it would be an amazing experience to be had!

    I’ll be bookmarking this site and I’m excited to read your future entries. Hope your trip back home was pleasant!


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