Today we went to the AVL hospital in Amsterdam. For a change, we got up early (6.45 AM) and headed out to Amsterdam. The hospital seemed quiet. We dropped my suitcase and blanket off on the 4th floor and went back down to the ground floor. First we went to the lab to have blood taken. A little after 9, dr. Baars came out to meet us. She had gotten the lab results and my platelet levels were too low for the angio procedure. So everything was rescheduled for next Wednesday. Because I had some pain in the side since Sunday, she wanted to check the liver with an echo. The echo could take place this morning.

So a little later, Victor went back up to get my things and I went to radiology for the echo. Victor met our dear friend Mariette in the hallway and they came to the waiting room to meet me. The echo went by fast; the radiologist couldn’t find anything dangerous. He saw there was a lot of gas in my intestines and advised me to drink water frequently. Afterwards we had coffee and tea in Mariette’s office. She works at AVL in the department of radiotherapy where she co-ordinates the flyers, patient folders, website information etc. It was nice to see her!

We left AVL and the sun started to shine. I didn’t feel like going home straight away so we went to a garden center – they had a Christmas show already! – and bought dog food for Flo and a bird feeding house.

Dr. Baars had called while we were shopping and left a message. She had received the liver values and they looked good. So the treatment seems to work! I felt very relieved, especially because I had been worried the pains might be the cancer itself, but they are caused by the chemo. So I’m home now, and will go back to AVL next Wednesday.


8 Replies to “AVL”

  1. So happy to hear this good news, Sheila! I’d love to hear what kinds of birds you see at the feeder. We have feeders, too, and Benji and Jasmine have named the birds (and squirrels!) that come every day. My favorites are Cardinal Chicken (a cardinal, not a chicken…) and Shark the squirrel.

  2. Hi Sheila,

    Wat vervelend dat je zo vroeg bent opgestaan, om niet behandeld te kunnen worden…. Hopelijk zijn je bloedplaatjes woensdag weer op orde. Sterkte voor komende woensdag maar weer!
    Uiteraard is het wel goed nieuws, dat je lever er goed uit ziet! We hopen dat het zo blijft!
    We blijven met jullie mee leven hoor!

    Groetjes, Marianne en Cees

  3. Hallo Sheila
    wat een gedoe hè. Jullie moeten wel steeds verrassingen incasseren. Hopenlijk heb je vandaag minder pijn. Lieve groeten van Paul en Isabelle

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