Feeling better

On Sunday, we visited Alice, Jasper, Amelie and Arthur in the AMC Emma Children’s hospital. Arthur was born at 33 weeks, but despite his small size, he’s doing well. He can drink from a bottle, and apart from an infection the day after he was born, he’s healthy. Alice had her first chemo on monday. She looked well, but the illness is awful.

This week I really felt much better. I can eat almost anything now, no more pain in my mouth, the mucositis is over. I’ve had visitors this week, and on Thursday, Victor and I took the train to Amsterdam. He went to the University of Amsterdam and I met my mom in the Bijenkorf for a tea.

Some days I’m still a bit tired (like today), but I’m walking each day now, and yesterday I cooked for the first time in a month! Victor has taken really good care of me, cooking every day and doing the groceries. Here’s a picture he took of the fall in Laren.


Next Wednesday I have my second treatment in the AVL. I feel like I need it, so I’m glad to be able to go. I’m lucky I am able to get this treatment. More next week!

7 Replies to “Feeling better”

  1. Hoi Sheila,

    Met ongeloof lezen wij je postings op je blog. Wat een verschrikkelijke tijd ben jij doorgegaan. Gelukkig voel je je nu wat beter en zie je weer wat lichtpuntjes.
    Ik hoop zo voor je dat de vooruitgang zich doorzet na je volgende chemo. Ik wens je veel sterkte daarmee en hou vol!

    Groetjes Cees (en Marianne)

  2. So glad you’re feeling better! I hope the next treatment goes well, and I look forward to hearing more good news! Love, Jen

  3. Je wordt sterker, je kunt goed omgaan met verdriet en je kunt zelfs mensen daarbij helpen.
    Fijn dat je je beter voelt! Ik vertrouw met jou dat dat doorgaat.

  4. Lovely photo Sheila. The beauty of nature is so inspiring. We had our first dusting of snow today! Hope you continue feeling good. Many hugs.

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