Second opinion – continued

Yesterday – Monday October 29th – we had our second meeting with dr. Westgeest. He gave us his (and his team’s) opinion on my situation. He began by explaining that had I come to the VU for treatment after the first diagnosis, they would have started me on a taxane based treatment (like Taxol). But there are more ways to treat this disease. Unfortunately, when I was diagnosed, it was already far advanced and metastasized in the liver. The treatment AVL is giving me, directly to the liver may offer additional time if it works. Dr. Westgeest advised us to stick to this treatment and await the results. He confirmed that we’re in good hands at the AVL, which is a renowned cancer institute with the top specialists. He saw no need for additional checks later on. If at any time we’re not sure, we should ask dr. Baars, who can explain things to us. For now, we are reassured that this is the best course of action. We thanked him for his time and good explanations and left the VU. I felt reassured by his advice and am convinced the treatment I’m getting at the AVL is the best possible at this moment. Now we have to wait for the 14th and see if it has the desired effect.


7 Replies to “Second opinion – continued”

  1. Good to know you are in the best hands. You are young and your body am sure can fight the disease. Miracles do happen so hang in there. You have our prayers and best wishes.

  2. Hi Sheila, fijn dat je weer zelf schrijft. Dat betekend voor ons dat je je toch weer wat beter voelt. Houen zo want alleen dan kan je veel aan! Veel liefs van Paul en Isabelle

  3. Dag Sheila, wat fijn om te lezen dat het gelukkig weer wat beter met je gaat en dat je weer zelf schrijft. Groetjes van Robin, Cristel en kids.

  4. I’m so glad to hear that you can get out to enjoy life now. The sun didn’t shine much here the past few days, thanks to Hurricane Sandy, but I’m very happy to hear that there’s sunshine where you are! Still sending virtual hugs and healing thoughts to you every day! Love, Jen

  5. Beste Sheila,
    Sinds een paar weken lezen we jouw weblog.
    We bewonderen de manier waarop je de hobbels overwint en steeds weer opkrabbelt als je een valkuil tegenkomt.
    Heel veel sterkte,
    Harmen en Annet

  6. Hoi Sheila, ben blij te lezen dat je nu weer zelf van alles kan en ook gewoon weer kan praten. Ben onder de indruk van je “pit” waarmee je alles doorstaat. Wens je het allerbeste.

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