Fever’s gone!

This past friday the hospital called Victor to tell us that they found an infection in my urine. It is an urinary tract infection, and Victor picked up the medication right away. I haven’t had a fever since Saturday, so the antibiotics seem to be working.

Today I felt much better and I haven’t had to take an afternoon nap for two days. I feel like I have energy again! Still, I will try to conserve my energy as much as possible and get as much rest as I can.

This morning Victor took me to the hospital to get my blood taken. I checked with the Radiology department if it was alright to do it today instead of tomorrow, since it will save me time, and it was no problem.

Tomorrow I have to drink a liter of water mixed with a vial with JOXITALAMINEZUUR an hour and a half before the scan. I cannot find the translation of this acid anywhere, but it is used as a contrast fluid for the CT scan. Last time I didn’t get this but some other fluid via an IV. Maybe they’ll give that to me as well.

I had three visitors today, so that kept my mind off the scan tomorrow. Wednesday is the last chemo of this 9-week period. And Thursday we’ll get the results. I’m very anxious (what Marc calls scanxiety – the nervousness of waiting for scan results). It really helps me to know all of you are wishing the best for me, praying for me and thinking of me. Thanks so much for all your support!

14 Replies to “Fever’s gone!”

  1. Sheila, here in the States we can buy Cranberry Cocktail made by Ocean Spray. Any juice from cranberries will help keep urinary tract infections at bay. It’s the season to buy them here and maybe a grocery store that sells American products would carry them there. Thinking of you every day and hoorah for good news as we stand by your side.

  2. Ha Sheila,
    Hopen op een goede scan. En fijn dat woensdag voorlopig de laatste chemo is, dan kun je wellicht weer wat opkrabbelen ( en aankomen; lukt dat om je eetgewoonten zo om te gooien?).
    Iets heel anders: Ik moest oa aan je denken tijdens de uitzending van Zomergasten met Jolande Withuis (de 2e helft); is nog te zien via uitzending gemist. Zij laat verschillende fragmenten met commentaar zien, waaronder een stukje Gala Pink Ribbon en Ellen ten Damme. En natuurlijk de onvergelijkbare Brigitte Kaandorp met haar ‘zeur’lied.

  3. Lieve Sheila, fijn dat je je weer energieker voelt! Als de chemothearpie is afgelopen voel je je vast nog veel beter. Toi toi toi morgen! Veel liefs.

  4. Alle goede wensen naar jou voor een omslaan van scanxiety naar scanthousiasme! Sterkte voor morgen, woensdag en donderdag!

  5. Lieve Sheila,
    Natuurlijk, door zo intensief aan je te denken en te wensen dat het goed zal zijn, stuur ik je allemaal krachtige vibs!! Spannende dagen, veel sterkte!! Hope for the best!

  6. Hi Sheila! always terrifying, such a scan. let’s hope for the best, in fact the low bili is encouraging! good to hear that the chemo is almost done too, think you’ll feel better afterwards. here it is the warzone, with the twin Adam and Jade demanding their food every three hours. still amazing to see how they grow. happily, touria’s mum and aunt are here to the rescue… had last week an uniterrupted sleep of 5 hours!!! wish you all the best, love, rienk touria

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