CT scan and chemo #9

On Tuesday I had the CT scan. I had to drink a liter of water mixed with Joxitalaminezuur (a contrast liquid for the colon). And I couldn’t go to the bathroom an hour before the scan, which was scheduled at 10 AM in Blaricum. Well, we arrrived just past 9.30 and informed the receptionist I was present and had a scan at 10 AM. By 10.15 no one had called me yet, and I felt a need to go to the bathroom (which was not allowed until after the scan). We informed at the reception why it took so long, explaining I really needed to use the toilet. The nurse called the CT room to ask what was taking so long. Nothing. Turned out they had scheduled me at 8.30, but I was told 10 am. Instead of telling me when I checked in, not a word. Not even a call at 8.30. Fortunately, they could help me right away. I could keep on my t-shirt and pantyhose (no metal), they shoved an IV needle into my right arm, but it didn’t go in, so then switched to my left arm and that went fine. I was lying with my face to the ceiling. Fortunately, the CT is a roomy machine, that looks like a large hole in a solid machine. The table moves back and forth. During the scan, the IV which contains the contrast liquid is opened and I could feel the liquid move through my mouth. Also, it gives you a warm feeling, and the feeling you have to pee. The good news was that the scan was very fast, about 10-15 minutes. I got dressed quickly, ran to the bathroom and that was that.

The chemo on Wednesday went smoothly too. The nurses in this departmentment are specialized in placing the IV needles, so it doesn’t hurt as much as when other nurses do it. The architect was in my room, as was a lady who was getting her last chemo that day. She was in the mood for a party, but there were no balloons or champagne. The last gentleman coming in was very funny. This time my mom and sister both joined me. Everyone was in a good mood. The dietician came by and asked how my eating was going. Well, I gained about half a pound, ate all the things I used to avoid, like fatty, high caloric foods, but that’s what she had suggested. The ice cream I skipped, don’t eat that all that much. After I was done, we went to the tea house to eat lunch. In the afternoon, I made a point of eating more junk food and hopefully that helps me to gain some weight!

After my mom and Nancy left, I was just thinking about Thursday. Did some minor household tasks, watched De Zevensprong (my favorite children’s book by Tonke Dragt of which they made a tv serie).

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