Several friends gave me a very good tip: make sure you’re fit before you go into surgery. It speeds the recovery process. Also taking in additional vitamins and protein should help. Since I mostly eat vegetarian I decided some supplements might help. So last Thursday I started to search the internet for supplements. A strange world appears: mostly sites for (presumably) young men advertising instant muscles if you use their protein powder enriched with creatin. Well, that certainly did not appeal to me. When I added the word women to my search, different diet sites popped up. Apparently you can buy all sorts of flavored protein powder, mostly intended for weight loss. Since I don’t want to lose any weight (I’m down t0 52 kilo’s from 56), that just wouldn’t do either.

Finally I found a great natural health food store online where I could order soy protein, soy milk (to make my shakes). To add in some vitamins I also ordered natural Acai powder and Goji fruit powder. Never tried it before but they are known as wonder foods due to their high vitamin content. Add in some chia seeds and we’re ready to go. While I was at it I ordered some nice herbal teas and mascara (ran out). Made a smoothie yesterday and today. The powders taste a bit funny so I added in a lot of strawberrries and some banana. Hope this works. Any tips will be much appreciated!

Then, as for feeling fit: I feel I’m out of condition. Last week I started rowing on our concept2, just 2 km for starters. Today I went for a run (6 km), but had to stop to catch my breath several times. I had to take a long nap this afternoon, I was really tired. I never take naps so this was strange for me. I guess I need it now.

2 Replies to “Smoothies”

  1. Dag Sheila, ik kan me voorstellen dat jouw leven als een rollercoaster voelt, vol met onderzoeken en adviezen. Toch doe ik er nog een advies bij. Kijk eens op de site van het nationaal kankerfonds naar de onderzoeken en de resultaten van het gebruik van curcuma. Ook het boek “eten tegen kanker” en dan vooral het kookboek, is een aanwinst. Hierin wordt heel duidelijk uitgelegd wat je wel en niet moet eten en waarom.
    Geschreven door twee wetenschappers/ oncologen. Bovendien staan er veel lekkere recepten in. Echt een aanrader.
    Heel veel sterkte de aankomende tijd !!!

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