Tests – Thursday July 5th

Back at Tergooi Blaricum at 9.15 for the MRI scan. Again an injection, but this time, the needle was taped down so that the contrast fluid could be injected while I was in the machine. Face down, I went in with headphones on and eyes closed. The machine made funny and loud noises, each was different, when the scans were made. It lasted about 25 minutes. Afterwards, I could get the CT scan made, but it turned out they needed the Creatine bloodlevels first. So Victor and I went back to Poli 5, Chirurgie (surgery) where it was very crowded. After 20 minutes I could finally pick up the form to then go to the lab. It was 10.45.  The CT scan was scheduled for 11.40, and the lab needed 1 hour to process the blood. Just in time! For the CT scan, I could keep on my shirt and legging. Again, a needle and contrast fluid was injected. I had to breathe in deeply (was never very good at that). The contrast fluid tasted funny, strange to feel it go through your body. Twenty minutes later I was done. Outside I ran into Annemieke, a Zonta member.

Victor and I picked up some lunch at the Organic store in Laren and had a nice lunch with Nancy and Ellen. Nancy and Ellen took the dogs for a nice long walk and Victor made a wonderful dinner (again).

On Tuesday, July 10th, I have an appointment to hear the results. I’m a bit anxious about it. But also relaxed: nothing to do but wait.

7 Replies to “Tests – Thursday July 5th”

  1. Lieve Sheila
    Mooie blog. Geweldig dat je ons zo op de hoogte houdt.
    Weet dat we met je meeleven.
    Liefs en sterkte de komende dagen.
    ik kom je van het weekend nog wel even afleiden

  2. Lieve Sheila, wat fijn dat je deze onderzoeken nu achter de rug hebt. Laat het maar snel dinsdag zijn zodat je niet langer in spanning hoeft te zitten. We denken heel veel aan je en zijn ook heel blij met dit blog. Wat een fantastisch idee! Xxx

  3. Jeetje Sheila… Wat een rot bericht. Ik wens je heel veel kracht en ga je blog zeker volgen. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  4. lieve Sheila,
    Ik heb je al een mail gestuurd, maar weet dat je ons kunt bellen. We wensen je heel veel sterkte met dit gevecht. liefs, Ineke

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