Resources about breast cancer

I will try to keep track of interesting research and sites about breast cancer. Please leave a comment or reply if you wish to add information to this page.

By chance I stumbled upon the story of Kris Carr, who was diagnosed with a rare stage 4 slow-growing cancer 10 years ago. She made a movie called Crazy Sexy Cancer, wrote five books, including a veggie bible and cookbook. Check out her website ( and Facebook page at

I am planning to get her dvd and one or two of her books while in LA – if I order them through Amazon I have to pay huge import taxes and that’s not cool.

Kris advocates a vegan diet. I don’t find that necessary but I have made my diet more nutritious by eating whole grains, less dairy, more soy and more veggies.

The following two books were a gift from my mom and sister:

  • What to eat if you have cancer – Healing foods that boost your immune system – by Maureen Kean and Daniella Chace
  • The essential Cancer treatment Nutrition Guide and Cookbook – by Jean LaMantia with Dr. Neil Berinstein

The first book was a real eye opener: the authors explain the working of the human body at cell level. I had seen a movie about the cell years ago at the Nemo science museum in Amsterdam but this book explains everything in detail. Very interesting. The step towards a whole grain diet is logical, when you consider that the authors explain which nutrients your cells need and why.

The Nutrition Guide is a bit more practical and focuses on the side effects the different treatments may cause and appropriate foods and dishes to prepare.

I will list the recipes and foods I use on a separate page.

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