Losing a friend

On Sunday our dear friend Marc passed away. His sister and her husband had taken him back to their home from Canada. We had a chance to say goodbye to him on Saturday. He was tired and thin but still quick-witted. Sunday, his son arrived from Canada, just in time to see his dad one last time and then Marc died. He really stayed alive to see his children, although unfortunately his daughter couldn’t get here in time. I hope they will be okay, and I hope they know deep in their hearts how much he loved them. Marc supported me by mail when I got very sick. But his cancer kept growing while my medications worked. He was a reclusive man, who preferred to do things his own way. The last few weeks he thought a lot about his children and wanted to care for them. His sister did everything she could for him, caring for him every moment and arranging all the things he wanted to take care of. He had very few things in the end that he needed. A few pictures, his laptop. But even that he didn’t need anymore. It made me realize once again how very lucky I am, not only to have lived so well after my recovery but also to be able to enjoy life and being with my family and friends. Once I was living on the other side of the world, but I’m glad to be home. As for my health, everything is stable and I’m doing really well. I am working more hours, and doing more activities, but altogether I’m very happy. Tomorrow I get the results of my latest blood test and will give you an update.

4 Replies to “Losing a friend”

  1. It’s such a comfort to know that you were able to say goodbye to him. He surely loved you -and your friendship, and Victor’s, helped him too.
    Warme groetjes,

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