Public or not?

Dear friends

I have kept this blog private since I mention certain people by name. I would like to ask your opinion on whether I should make the blog searchable. The reason I would like to open it up is just in case someone else is searching for information that is hard to find (such as Mitomycine-C) and I might just be able to help by offering my experience.

I would appreciate your feedback: please respond to the following poll.



PS this is what I look like now. As you can see, my hair’s been growing. Here I’m enjoying Nancy’s ice-cream in the Vondeltuin in Amsterdam (september 2013).



7 Replies to “Public or not?”

  1. It’s a good example of a situation in which you don’t have to ask whether someone is against it, but in which you can ask whether someone has any objection. I don’t, Herman

  2. Dear Sheila, for me it’s not necessary to make your blog searchable. You just put a lot of energy in updates on your blog. If other people want it searchable it’s okay, I don’t, Arie-Haarlem

  3. Als je namen noemt gaat het over het algemeen over je familie, als die geen bezwaar hebben lijkt het me handig als lotgenoten je kunnen vinden.

  4. Dear Sheila,

    A definite ‘yes’: I believe you should go public with your blog. Reason number one being that it’s a survivor’s story, a fighter’s story, and lots of people will find support in it, encouragement or just good advice. Reason number two being that it’s very well-written, so it’s very easy to read and to absorb the information. Also, it goes ‘without the drama’. It is definitely not a tear-jerking, ‘look-at-me’-story. Although the story is about your own experience, you were able to write this from a reader’s perspective, carefully balancing the information – what to say and what not to say. As I told you before, you are an excellent writer and I believe you are able to express your thoughts in a way not many people can. If anyone should spread the word on a subject like this, you’re the one to do it.

    However, I can understand that you are a bit concerned about the fact that you’ve mentioned people’s names. Most of them wouldn’t object, but there is always the option of editing. There are lots of ways to do this: re-phrase a few things, leave out the names, change the names, ask for permission. All it takes are a few emails and/or maybe a few hours of editing. Another option is to extract all the text from the blog, leave out the less important bits and publish the blog as an article, or even a book (e-read?).
    Just give it a thought. And if you need advice on this, or any help, feel free to call or email.

    By the way: you’re looking great!


  5. Lieve Sheila,

    Tuurlijk moet je dat doen! Mijn zegen heb je. En zoals Martin zei; het is een positief verhaal, een overwinningsverhaal. Dat kan andere lotgenoten hoop geven. En hoop doet leven!
    By the way, we genieten zeer van jullie prachtige bloemen!! Liefs, Mariette en Ronald

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