A promising test for pancreatic cancer … from a 15-year-old

Een mooi voorbeeld van innovatie!

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JULY 11, 2013


Jack Andraka: A promising test for pancreatic cancer … from a teenager

3afd7962e92217458ad4e0ec5e0e03f32e9d02ca_800x600.jpg10:49 minutes · Filmed Feb 2013 · Posted Jul 2013 · TED2013

Over 85 percent of all pancreatic cancers are diagnosed late, when someone has less than two percent chance of survival. How could this be? Jack Andraka talks about how he developed a promising early detection test for pancreatic cancer that’s super cheap, effective and non-invasive — all before his 16th birthday.

A paper on carbon nanotubes, a biology lecture on antibodies and a flash of insight led 15-year-old Jack Andraka to design a cheaper, more sensitive cancer detector.

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Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer

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One Reply to “A promising test for pancreatic cancer … from a 15-year-old”

  1. Ha Sheila,

    This is how history is made. Een fantastische en indrukwekkende gebeurtenis. En ook fantastisch om te weten en mee te maken hoe de wereld na ons zal zijn. Dank je wel voor deze verbinding.

    Harteljke groet, Herman Blommers

    Op 12 jul. 2013, om 10:30 heeft Sheila’s blog het volgende geschreven:

    > >

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