Update on the bucket list

It’s time to check up on the bucket list, which I posted back in July.

At the time, this was the list:

1. cycling in the sun – done! Did a 30 km ride on a beautiful day in August (went to see Ingrid in the meadow with the horses, cycling through the forest most of the way).
2. sailing on the lake (loosdrecht) nearby in the sun – Thanks to Erwin I can check this one off too. He took me sailing on his catamaran end of August. It was a very enlightening experience!
3. having a drink outside in the sun) – check! did that a few times!
4. weekend Madeira (flower island) – I’m crossing this one off the list and replacing it with something else. It’s a long flight and more expensive than I thought.
5. long weekend Barcelona/Girona – keeping this on the list
6. citytrip Hamburg – instead of Hamburg, I’m going to Antwerp with my friend Francine this coming Saturday. She has offered to drive so we’ll do a quick day trip and have lunch there and maybe do some shopping.
7. Marienwaerdt 15 augustus (castle fair in Holland) – We didn’t go in August but my mom took me in December. It wasn’t crowded and very enjoyable.
8. citytrip Lissabon – crossing this one off the list. Barcelona will be enough.
9. San Francisco (next year) – keeping this on the list
10. Peak district UK – still interested in visiting but no concrete plans
11. Danor review (book I wrote long ago that Iā€™d like to publish, so if you have any tips, let me know) – I’m working on a rewrite now. When this is done, I plan to send it to the Writers Workshop in London for an editor’s review.
12. vegetarian cooking -thanks for the recipes you have sent me! I am starting to cook more (Victor has been cooking all this time!) so I will try these out.
What I hadn’t put on the list but should have was:
– visiting my dad in Malaysia
– visiting a sunny place in the winter?
– sculpting
– meeting friends
For me it’s not so much about visiting places as it is about visiting people I care about. I have several friends in the US I’d love to see, but it’s too much to go to everyone, so San Francisco seems like the best place to go to, maybe with a stopover somewhere else.
My updated bucket list:
– long weekend Barcelona
– San Francisco
– rewrite of Danor
– sculpting
– trip to my dad in Malaysia?
– help Victor set up his tax advisory practice
– start working out again?
– back to work?
Thanks again for your cards, visits and messages, I truly believe it has given me a lot of strength these past months. I’m looking forward to a more relaxed period these next few months, so I probably will be posting less. You can always mail me, whatsapp me or call me! Take care!

3 Replies to “Update on the bucket list”

  1. Lieve Sheila en Victor, bedankt voor de lieve kerstkaart! Fijn om te lezen dat het naar omstandigheden goed gaat, wij wensen jullie een warme knusse kerst toe onder die mooie boom op de foto. We zullen proosten op jullie samen. Liefs en een warme hug vanuit Hengevelde. Robin, cristel en kids.

  2. Ook bedankt voor de kaart, Sheila en Victor!
    Hebben jullie onze kaart ook al ontvangen met het fototje van Luis, ons eerste kleinkind? We zijn net terug van 5 dagen Palma en hebben echt genoten van de kleine jongen en zijn zorgzame ouders.
    Liefs en groetjes van Paul en Isabelle

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