This week

Last week I had no chemo because my white bloodcell count was too low. For the first time, I had to slow down, and rest more.

On Tuesday, my dad arrived from Malaysia. My sister was already at Schiphol when we arrived, just in time to meet him.

Deva, Nancy en Sheila Ghosh

I was surprised with 5 beautiful bouquets! There is someone who sent me flowers without a name; the card mentioned ‘carpe diem’. If someone recognizes this, please tell me so I can thank you!

Tuesday evening we celebrated my birthday with an Indian meal and I was showered with beautiful presents from my mom, sister, dad and Victor.

The chemo on Wednesday went fine. My friend G picked me up from the hospital and took me to the Golden Tulip where we had lunch with my mom and sister.

On thursday we went out on the lake in an electric boat.



My dad is now staying with Nancy in Amsterdam, he’s leaving Wednesday.

Thursday evening I had a fever and we called the hospital. They told us to come by the emergency room. Apart from the high temperature (38.9) I felt alright and the tests showed there were no infections or other issues to worry about. The doctor also checked me and said I could go home.

Today again a fever, close to 40 degrees. I don’t feel sick, not feverish. It must be the chemo working. So I think I will need to take a lot of rest the next few days and try to give my body some time to get better.

4 Replies to “This week”

  1. I hope you have a great time with your family!
    A low white blood count is usually associated with tiredness and fatigue. Are you getting any Neulasta? This will bump up your white blood count and is often used in chemotherapy.
    I sure hope they cultured everything incl. blood before sending you home from the hospital. No antibiotics? A 40 degree fever in someone on chemo should be taken seriously! Don’t hesitate to go back if you’re not feeling well!

  2. Sheila is soooo modest about her father. She loves her mom, dad and sister extremely, and of course they all do in reverse. Her dad is a professor in the Oil industry and lecturer at the famous University of Malaysia, especially in the seismographic area. His articles are among the top ten most downloaded from the Internet!!

  3. Dear Sheila,
    Happy birthday!!! How lovely that you had a visit from your father!
    I am happy to hear your that your bilirribin is going down. Are you feeling better now? Take it easy, and please add some high calory nutrients to your usual meals.
    I will be thinking of you next week. Please let me know how the tests go.
    All my love, Silvia

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