Treatment #3 August 1st 2012

Yes, summertime is still here. Here’s me outside the hospital with my mom.

At the hospital, there’s a nice waiting area with magazines and a volunteer brings coffee or tea. Just past 11 three of us were taken to a room with green chairs, and again the lovely view outside. A young woman was already there with a friend, she looked younger than me.

The nurse accidentally cut her foot while moving a chair and yelled out and jumped up. She was bleeding but fortunately enough she had plenty of bandages. Her vacation starts tomorrow and although she was very nice and alert, she would occassionally say she was very much looking forward to the pool at her vacation spot. Sure sounds good to me!

It all took much longer today since she had to take care of all three of us at the same time. The good news was that she got the cap on in no time – we stuffed two washcloths in the sides, I held on to the green snakey hat (made up of green coils through which the freezing liquid streams) while she pulled the yellow helmet over the top. She strapped it on, put my ski band across and that was that. Took no more than 4 minutes.

So then I have to wait 45 minutes till the scalp is cold enough. It took a while before I got the first IV (with salt solution). Ofcourse when the chemo should have been added they were all out to lunch. A young nurse came in, attached it, and waited for ten minutes. She explained when another lady asked that because the chemo I have is rather aggressive, they have to wait in case something happens.

Like last time, this only took about 25 minutes. The cap then has to warm up because if you take it off, my hair would be frozen en stuck to the side and that would pull it out anyway. At that moment, Trees came in. She and her husband are friends of our friends and neighbors Marijke and Peter. Trees was in good spirits. They’re going away on a short holiday and she had two-three hours of chemo today.

The other ladies in the room explained they all had side effects, one lady really had a bad time. I feel so lucky that I’m not yet feeling bad. On the contrary, apart from insomnia (for which I get pills to help me fall asleep) and eyes that burn occasionally I feel nothing at all, no nausea, no pain, no vomiting.

Here are some pictures of us in the park (Groeneveld) afterwards:


Because I don’t want to spam too much, I haven’t blogged as much as maybe I should have.

Here’s a picture of my cousin Ineke and her son Luc, me, Naut (standing) and Valentijn (on the right) last monday (July 23rd), taken by Nancy:

Yesterday I met Ingrid and Carien at the teahouse ‘t Hoge Erf in Lage Vuursche and we had apple pie and coffee, tea and hot chocolate (me!). With whipped cream. Carien came in with her finger bandaged. And she had just returned from vacation in Spain with 8! teenagers. So we asked what had happened. Well, she said reluctantly, her finger was caught in the door and the top cut off. So she pulled it out of the door and put it back on her finger. Fortunately, one of the kids had a drivers license and took her to the hospital. What a horrible story! I can’t deal with things like that, this really freaked me out. To top it off, the surgeon at the hospital wouldn’t tell her if he had sewed it back on and she couldn’t see because it was bandaged again.

It turns out he did save it. What a vacation!


We’re going to the Ardennen on Friday with Barbara and Valentijn and staying till Sunday. We’re staying at La Passarelle near Durbuy and our good friends Michael and Teresa from San Diego (Teresa and I worked together at HP from 1995-1998) are driving up from France. I’m really looking forward to it. Ciao!

Photo credit: Nancy Ghosh!!! Thanks Nanc!



15 Replies to “Treatment #3 August 1st 2012”

  1. Hm seems the photographer goes uncredited?…
    En canine support (Flo) ?…..LOL
    Shiel zorg alsjeblieft voor jezelf he, veel rusten en goed eten!
    Kom maar snel een keer Thai of Tapas eten.

  2. Eh… Beetje met mond vol tanden na je eerste berichtje. Ben ik niet zo gewend… mond vol tanden.
    Het is niet altijd eerlijk verdeeld, en deze toedeling mogen ze wat ons betreft voor iedereen achterhouden. Wij duimen voor jou en Victor en leven/lezen mee met je herstelactiviteiten.

    Kus & Big Hug,
    Theo & Melissa

  3. Zo, deel drie zit erop, nog even blijven duimen dat het spul zijn werk goed doet :-). Geniet ze in de Ardennen, en tot volgende week voor de film!

  4. Sheila I can’t get over that that freeze cap contraption! Don’t you get “brain freeze”? “ice cream headache”? Intellectual hibernation? What if the nurse (you know what they are like) gets the thermostat setting wrong. Does it even have a thermostat? Does this thing have a surge protector? I’m v. worried.

    1. Yes, it is a machine with a thermostat (-6 degrees centigrade). We’ll have to see about the brain damage afterwards 😉 LOL
      I haven’t noticed any changes in my brain capacity (but maybe someone else should judge that!). No, its quite ok and after a few minutes I don’t feel the cold anymore.

  5. Lieve Sheila,

    Vind je haar hartstikke goed staan zo.
    Hoop dat je je weer net zo goed zal voelen vandaag, en dat jullie dan een heerlijke tijd zullen hebben in de Ardennen! En France to top it of! Ben benieuwd naar je verhalen, of je het anders zal beleven, misschien wel intenser zal genieten van de prachtige natuur! Veel liefs, Jet en Ronald

  6. Dag Sheila, Heel veel plezier in de Ardennen en Frankrijk. Kom je nog in de buurt van Lille :-)? Je kunt er nl heerlijke chocolade kopen bij Meert. Veel liefs van ons, Jill, Mark & Lewis

  7. Sheila

    Leuk dat je Trees tegen ben gekomen.
    Geniet van de Ardennen!
    We duimen voorgooi weer.

    Gr. MarijkevH

  8. Hallo Sheila
    gek idee hoor, een bevroren hoofd…..Maar op de fotos zie je er weer patent uit!
    We duimen voor goed weer, veel liefs van Paul en Isabelle.

  9. Sheila, what a nice picture – you look beautiful! I’m glad you are still feeling well. Do you know how to knit or crochet? Might be a nice way to pass the time! Your poor friend’s finger – ouch.

  10. Hi Sheila, goed om te lezen dat het zo goed met je gaat gezien de omstandigheden. Ik neem aan dat je binnenkort een eerste statusupdate krijgt van de tussenresultaten?
    groetjes Cees

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