Treatment #2 – July 25th 2012

What a beautiful day! Wonderful to be in the sun, each day this week has been such a blessing. I love the sun and had been missing it the past few weeks. But this week has more than made up for that.

Nancy came to the hospital with me at 11 am. The nurse came to get me right away, she is very nice and its a very pleasant place. The room has four chairs, today a nice lady across from me lay in a bed. The full length of the room has large windows which offer a beautiful view of the garden, grass and trees.

I had the same chair as last time and again the nurses struggled with the cap. It seems I have a very small and oddly shaped head. But it’s worth it because the cold treatment has so far worked to keep my hair on my head. Like they say, you have to suffer to be beautiful. I never quite saw it that way before. And the suffering isn’t so bad. My ear was a bit crushed but otherwise I coped quite well I daresay! Fortunately it was a warm day, it must be much worse to have your scalp frozen when it is freezing outside.

I read a Ville d’arte magazine which was full of wellness and wellbeing articles. Several were about detoxing using fresh veggie juices. Nancy and my mom have been juicing all week for me. My favorite is the beet juice, but the first time I peed after I drank it I thought all the chemo had instantly left my body (its nearly the same red color). Good thing I remember I drank a bottle of the red juice just a few hours before. Now it turns out raw pumpkin juice is very good for your liver. I have a whole stash, also spinach and broccoli. They’re surprisingly tasty, almost addictive!

The chemo was done in half an hour, the cap needed to stay in place another half hour but at 12.30 we were done. I had accidentally taken my pills for schema 3 (whatever that means) but it turned out I only needed those for the first cure. Since this one is so light, I don’t need any medicine at all. Just in case, I have pills for nausea but since I can eat whatever I want without even a moment of regret I feel very lucky. Next week I’ll be back!

Victor and I made a bucket list – inspired by the movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. A great movie to watch if you haven’t seen it yet. It showed me that there’s much to be enjoyed in sharing something together. When I was working there never seemed to be enough time. And now I intend to enjoy every minute of every day with the people I love the most. Here’s my bucket list:

1. cycling in the sun
2. sailing on the lake (loosdrecht) nearby in the sun
3. having a drink outside in the sun)
4. weekend Madeira (flower island)
5. long weekend Barcelona/Girona
6. citytrip Hamburg
7. Marienwaerdt 15 augustus (castle fair in Holland)
8. citytrip Lissabon
9. San Francisco (next year)
10. Peak district UK
11. Danor review (book I wrote long ago that I’d like to publish, so if you have any tips, let me know)
12. vegetarian cooking
Much to look forward to! Take care all!

17 Replies to “Treatment #2 – July 25th 2012”

  1. Lieve Sheila, Wat een positieve vibe voel ik als ik je stukje lees. En super, al die bucketlist. En helemaal vullen, Xx Mariette en Ronald

  2. we zijn zo blij dat je de chemo zo goed verdraagt. Dan is het makkelijker aan andere, leukere, dingen te denken! Veel liefs van Paul en Isabelle

  3. Hoi Sheila
    Fijn dat nummer 2 er opzit…. of eigenlijk er in zit.
    En heerlijk dat het meevalt en je er niet ziek van wordt.
    Ik kom snel even een kopje thee bij je drinken.
    Lfs. MarijkevH

  4. Duidelijk een andere lijst dan Mr. Rosenblum’s List. Om je vorige foto erg gelachen, deed me denken aan een jockey. So far so good, we hebben het bij Unisys geregeld over je. Groetjes, Marie-Christine

  5. Lieve Sheila,
    Kom net terug van vakantie en dan zie ik jouw bericht. Wat een vreselijk nieuws. We denken aan je en leven met je mee. Goed die bucket list trouwens.
    Zullen we binnenkort weer eens afspreken, dat is al lang geleden en op die BKWI-boot heb ik je nauwelijks gesproken.
    Liefs, Vivian en Joop

  6. Dear Sheila,
    Vandaag weer werken na een paar weken vakantie. Raar te beseffen dat jullie leven zo op de kop is komen te staan in just a few weeks.
    Alle zonneschijn die ik zie, stuur ik naar je toe en blijf ik naar je toe sturen. Lieve groet, sterkte, beterschap en we vechten met je mee. Jessica

  7. Vandaag weer lekker in de zon. Misschien even fietsen, maar dan misschien gewoon lekker met een boek of tijdschrift en natuurlijk dat drankje. Vanavond toost ik in in gedachten met jou en Victor. Groetjes

  8. we kennen elkaar niet alleen via Marc en Victor, maar ik begrijp dat Victor voor je is gevallen indertijd: wat een moed, wilskracht en sterke vrouw!
    Christine Dufour

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