Haircut and update

Yesterday my sister arranged an appointment for me at my hairdressers, Haute Coiffure Gebert. Very good hairdresser, at least something to look forward to. I had decided to cut my hair short, since it is easier with the cold cap and easier to style. The hospital flyer said to use only baby shampoo, but my hairdresser, who has experience with patients who lose their hair, nodded his head. “You know what baby shampoo is supposed to do, don’t you. To prevent it from hurting your baby’s eyes. It’s got a high pH and isn’t good for sensitive skin.” So that means I can use my own shampoo (volume!) – yes it does. Happy me. Two bottles of Zwitsal are available for young parents who need it! Send me a whatsapp if you want it (you have to collect it here in Eemnes)!

Nancy had paid for this treat as well, so when I walked home, I was carefree and my hair looked nice. Of course, how to keep it looking that way is the next challenge.

Victor shared an e-mail with me from our friend Marc Dufour, who lives in Canada and has metastates from colon cancer. He has done a lot of research (he is a gynocologist) and has found an alternative therapy which might be worthwhile for me if all else fails. See his message on the page Experiences.

This morning the oncology nurse called me. In the meeting my oncologist had yesterday with the specialists from Anthonie van Leeuwenhoek hospital (specialized in breast cancer) they discussed the chemo dosage and decided to lower the Adriamycine to 20mg per time, and deliver it weekly. She asked me to come in at 10.15 because it was still being prepared. Also, this means I have to come back next week and the week after. They were worried the liver would stop functioning altogether and that’s why the dosage has been lowered.

6 Replies to “Haircut and update”

  1. Dear Sheila,
    What an excellent idea! Distraction is the best medicine. Just do things you like, that are not too exhausting and stay positive. I never had a depression when I had my cancer treatment, but that is probably in my character, such as is in yours. You know, everybody admires courage and complaining does not help, besides after some while everybody thinks you are a bore. The positive thinking spiral lifts you up, but not everybody is designed like that. We love you and I hope that the sending of my positive force, helps.

  2. Sheila, ik heb van Marijke gehoord over wat jou nu overkomt en me nu ook aangemeld voor je blog. Wat een vloedgolf van emoties krijgen jullie over je heen, wat erg om deze berichten te moeten horen. Maar wat goed dat je alles opschrijft en zo relativeert. We hopen zo dat de chemo goed uitpakt en dat je er niet al te ziek van wordt. Blijf zo positief denken, geweldig goed van jou. Hoop je wellicht zondag op Peters verjaardag even te zien en je te bemoedigen. In de tussentijd blijven we aan je denken en ook voor je bidden, als je dat goed vindt?

  3. Fijn Sheila, dat is minder belastend! En precies waar Hennie op hoopte!
    All sending strength from here!!!

    1. Dan heeft het toch geholpen dat jullie allemaal aan mij hebben gedacht! Engeltje op mijn schouder. Want als ze teveel hadden gegeven was de lever misschien gestopt.
      groetjes, sheila

      1. En dat moeten we NIET hebben!!! Dus we gaan allemaal door met denken aan en praten over je!! Dat moet het universum wel oppikken!

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