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Dear friends and family,

I’ve started this blog to keep you all informed about my health. About two weeks ago, I noticed blood trickling from my right breast. My GP sent me to the hospital for tests. Last Thursday, June 28th 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since I had no idea that anything was wrong this was quite a shock.

I am keeping this blog as a way to keep track of all the events and my progress through the various phases of treatment.  Please share this with anyone you wish. I am writing the blog in English so that my friends in the US and my family can stay in touch.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for your support and kind thoughts.



3 Replies to “my blog”

  1. Vandaag dag 1 naar het ziekenhuis in Hilversum met Sheila. Vanochtend kreeg ze een spuitje met Technetium. Nucleair onderzoek van de botten. (van haar zusje Nancy)
    Today day1 to the hospital in Hilversum with Sheila. This morning she got a shot of Technetium. Nuclear test of the bones. (fr her sis Nancy)

  2. We have all cried except for Sheila…but today the FEAR set in…all these tests and not knowing. What if there are “uitzaaiingen”? If its stageII, 80 percent survive? What about the other 20 percent? The fear is awful. She has to wait until she gets the results…then the doctors will come up with a treatment plan.- Nancy

  3. Dearest Sheila, the man in the waiting room today – he had just had his nucleair test,the same test you came for – tried to cheer you up in his way: ” Think of the nice things you remember from last night and those twenty minutes in the machine will fly by…” Then he and his wife left and even i felt comforted. Love to you and Victor from your mom.

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