Yes, I’m back. I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything on my blog.

The last months of 2014 were hard for me. We lost another dear friend of ours, Patrick, who died far too young of cancer. He and his family have been very close friends of Nancy and myself since we were teenagers and feel like our extended family. When I was sick, they were there for us. His illness surfaced when it was too late for treatment. He passed away end of November. I wish I could say or do something to be supportive of his family. It makes me feel sad and angry at myself at the same time for not being there.

Just before Christmas, my father in law passed away. He was 90 years old and had a long and fulfilling life.

I’ve been working full-time since January and my work is satisfying. It means having to do less work for the societies that I’m involved in. I have had to reconsider how much time I spent on these activities.

I had scans in January which showed good results. The medication is still working and the cancer is still in remission. I couldn’t wish for better news at this time.

Right now, Victor and I are visiting my father in Malaysia. Thanks to my mom who is looking after our dog Jaap. Without her watching him, I don’t think we would have gone on this trip. My dad is doing well and working hard as a professor at UTP, where he leads the Geophysical Research Center. Wednesday we head back to Holland. I’ve been able to do some writing here, and have been reading a lot. Just finished Stoner by John Williams, Perfect by Rachel Joyce, and am now reading On Liberty by John Stuart Mill. This last one is a favorite of mine, and I highly recommend it to all who are wondering what is happening to the world we live in.

Visit to Malaysia

Dear friends,

I’m a bit behind with my posts, so I will send a few in a row. This one is about my trip to Malaysia in December with my sister. We stayed with my dad and spent some real quality time together. The first few days we stayed in Ipoh and visited local sights, such as the Buddhist temples in the caves and Lost World of Tambun, a water park near our dad’s house in Sunway city Ipoh. They had natural thermal pools, a wave pool (we were the only ones swimming), slides, and a small zoo with Siberian tigers, snakes, monkeys, deer, ancient turtles, birds etc. The animals were very well cared for and beautifully landscaped. The monkeys lived in the wild but came to the zoo to eat.

The first weekend our dad drove us to Georgetown on Penang where we met our friend Bommy.  It was lovely to see her again and we had a great time.

Rasa Sayang Resort
Rasa Sayang Resort

We stayed in a beautiful resort called the Shangri-la Rasa Sayang. It was absolute heaven. We also visited Georgetown itself which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It has many colonial buildings some of which are a bit run down.

Our dad is doing well; he’s working as a professor of Geophysics at UTP (Technical University of Petronas) where he has his own research center with about 15 Ph.D. students.

Dr. Deva's Center for Seimic Imaging
Dr. Deva’s Center for Seimic Imaging
Nancy and the professors at Dr. Deva's Center for Seimic Imaging
Nancy and the professors at Dr. Deva’s Center for Seimic Imaging
Dr. Deva's Center for Seimic Imaging at UTP
Dr. Deva’s Center for Seimic Imaging at UTP

Next, we went to Pangkor Island, where our dad (dr. Deva) took us to the Pankgkor Island Beach resort. It’s a beautiful place, with monkeys, hornbills and a type of hog or boar who loved the tropical fruits that were meant for the hornbills.

My dad & me
My dad & me

Here we are reading! Nancy and I also kayaked one afternoon when there were quite a few waves. Way back in the 90’s when I lived in La Jolla I would kayak every weekend, can’t believe how long ago that was.

We headed back to Ipoh where my dad lives and the next day (Sunday) returned to KL. I was a bit sick (something I ate) so Nancy helped me pack. In KL I met my friend Michael Chan whom I had not seen for 25 years! We were friends at ASH (High School) – see my Facebook page for photo’s. It was great to see him again and meet his wife Joanne and their sons Orion and Aron. Great kids!

Nancy returned to Holland the next day while I left on Tuesday the 24th (day before Christmas).

At the Coffee Bean
At the Coffee Bean

I will miss Malaysia and miss my dad as well!